Here are some of the nice things people have said about us over the years...

Commercial outlets:

"The fossils have gone down really well with the students who have spent the last week taking them into schools"Nicola , Cambridge, UK

"The box of trilobites arrived last week in perfect condition. I look forward to seeing you and your collections again in the future" William, OH, USA

"You are always my first stop when I go buying, everything I get sells and I keep coming back for more!" Bill, NY, USA

"Because you are the best... I saw there... I like very much the items I purchased from you..." -- KF, Japan

"... specimen has safely arrived... Thank you for such prompt delivery!" JS, Germany

"...how impressed I was ... your display area is very impressive but most importantly of all to me today you were all so very kind & helpful as I was working to a strict timetable..." AB, Northants, England

"...By the way I have got fossils from your company every year and I have been enjoying to sell them... and my client bought them immediately." TM, Japan

"Thank you for [the] hospitality today, we were very impressed by your range of minerals & fossils, to say nothing of your wide knowledge. We are delighted with our purchases." GB, Kent, England

"Many thanks... very charming... all their help." Rosie, England

"I've just had a chance to look though some rugs, silks bags & jewellery [that Brian and Mina sourced for me] - all really lovely. I especially like the rugs. Thank you so much for all your hard work" ML, Liverpool

"Many thanks for the promptness of delivery... You have chosen well, I am delighted with what you have sent. I don't think these will take long to sell..." Audrey, England

"Thank you for your help picking some crystals for me & for your patience. The crystals you chose for me are all lovely." AR, Essex, England

"My favourite was Moussa Mineral and Fossils from England. One of the seller was this very friendly and knowledge person..." web review of one of our trade show exhibits.

"Thank you all so very much for putting such a great deal of effort into our visit... Always we really appreciate the enormous amount of help you give us whenever we come over. The stock is great..." HF, England

"I've seen hundreds (thousands?) over the years but this one is very special... I usually have to buy off the web from the States - it's nice to actually see what I'm buying before I buy and such good specimens too. Keep up the great job!" ML, England

"Thank you so much... beautiful. Many thanks for the help." R, Scotland

"Moussa Minerals has another great selection..." Fossilforum.com post on one of our trade show exhibits

"Must sing the praises of Sandra. Always there when I needed help but able to make my own choices without pressure." B., London

"Always such a pleasure getting stock from you, I don’t like my stones to be badly treated!" Z, Scotland

Specialists, museum collections & acquisitions

“Thanks to... Brian & Mina Eberhardie” Acknowledgements for David Attenborough’s 'First Life' BBC production

“ ...I though I'd send you episode 2 which features trilobites in Morocco. And I want to thank you one again ” Candice, Atlantic Productions - production company for 'First Life' BBC production

"...have been a big hit here in Denver. Both Richard and I are very happy with the purchase..." Kirk Johnson, Denver Museum of Natural History, USA

"Here is a copy of the paper [on the fossil you supplied]. Just sorry it wasn't a new species!" Prof R.A. Fortey, Natural History Museum, London

“Over the last few years we have had help in selecting well-preserved specimens from Brian Eberhardie of Moussa Direct” Richard Fortey writing in Set in Stone (London Natural History Museum London Palaeontology department newsletter) vol 1:3 (2003)

"every single specimen arrived in superb condition... a tribute to your amazingly effective shipping/packing procedures. Many thanks to you all involved for yet another painless purchase. Needless to say, I'm delighted with the entire collection and cannot wait to incorporate tha [sic] material into the trilobite unit of our new gallery... spectacular exhibit, due in no small part to the centrepiece specimens acquired through Moussa Direct..." David Rudkin, Royal Ontario Museum, Canada

"I am very happy to send you a copy of the paper to which you made such a fundamental contribution..." Dr Dale Russel, North Carolina State University, USA

"Those absolutely brilliant specimens arrived here safe and sound, and they're now on display... I spent much of the first day dragging my colleagues in and listening to them "ooh" and "aah"..." Greg Edgecome, Australian Museum, Sydney, Australia

"It was good of you to take time & trouble to show us some of your remarkable Moroccan trilobites last Tuesday. I am glad to know the range & variety that you have..." Prof. H.S.Whittington, Dept. of Earth Sciences, Cambridge University, England

"Prof Whittington gave me your name as 'somebody reliable' involved with palaeontology from Morocco..." Prof R.A. Fortey, Natural History Museum, London

Specimen supplied to Oxford Natural History Museum that features prominently on their opening invitation. 

Our Gallery will be coming soon for some exceptional specimens or contact us for specific requests.