Crafts from Morocco

Moussa is a company of both Moroccan and British people linked by long friendship and trade connections. We operate a fair trade policy. Working directly with artisans we create an equal association founded on mutual respect and fair practice.

Moussa originally started importing and wholesaling Moroccan handicrafts to companies all over the UK and Ireland. We still have a few select wholesale customers that we continue to supply and have even supplied full shipping containers to customers overseas directly from Morocco. Although our main business is now principally Crystals and Fossils, we still have a wealth of experience that we offer as a bespoke sourcing service.

You can benefit from our direct connection with the artisans, co-operatives and manufacturers by using our sourcing service. Advantages being:

With frequent air travel, Morocco is easier to get to than ever before. However, the prices we supply at are often cheaper than you would get in the souk yourself, and you don't have to worry about how you're going to get the stock packed up and home safely. Pre-order pallet size+ shipments and we will source, pack and ship for you.

Contact us and the person most experienced to handle your request will get back to you and discuss how best to proceed.