High quality stones with care and consistency
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We can offer you a wider range of stones than many other wholesalers. And with an emphasis on care in selection and consistent quality, we are confident we have something for you!

The people who buy from Moussa are nearly as varied as the crystals, minerals and fossils that we sell. So, if you are a healer or therapist looking for specific crystals, a gift shop looking for Selenite or Salt lamps, a tourist attraction looking for fossil marble, an antique shop looking for interesting display fossils or a museum shop looking for basket lines we are here to help. We are a friendly bunch who know a thing or two about crystals, minerals and fossils so please contact us if you need anything.

It's easy, just register, shop and then we will call to discuss your order and delivery before taking payment. So if you have a query, add the product to your order and we can discuss it with you when we confirm the order.

From Moussa - the friendly people who care about rocks.